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RightMotions is Baumer Distributors deal with all kinds of Baumer Electric Make Sensor & Encoders.

Baumer Electric develops, manufactures sensors, encoders, measuring instruments, and components for automated image-processing.

Baumer offers presence detection products, such as inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic, capacitive, and magnetic sensors and precision mechanical switches.

The company provides distance measurement products, which include inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, linear encoders without bearings, and cable-pull encoders; and rotary encoders/angle measurement products, such as absolute, incremental, heavy duty, and bearingless encoders, as well as format alignment and inclination sensors.

Baumer also offers identification/image processing products, such as industrial cameras, vision sensors, system components, and software and starter kits; and process instrumentation, including level, temperature, pressure, and conductivity measurement instruments, as well as force/strain sensors, counters, and process displays. RightMotions as Baumer Distributors supplies all these products World wide with best deals.

We  as Baumer Distributors supply Baumer Sensors and Encoders to the world and mainly to India.