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The World Of Baumer Encoder..!

Baumer Group is popular name in the field of automation equipment manufacturing industry. It is very huge company with its base at Frauenfeld (Switzerland). Baumer group is located in about 16 countries with around 34 manufacturing units giving employment to about 2000 employees around the world. Baumer has popularly known in the market as reputed manufacturer and supplier of innovative and premium quality Baumer encoders, sensors and automation products which are used in various factories for automating there production line. Baumer has be delivering many encoders and sensor according to the industrial needs but still keeping it cost effective. RightMotions is one of the Authorized Baumer Encoder Distributor which provides with a large variety of Baumer encoders, sensors and other product to various industries.

Baumer encoders are accurately precise and highly reliable products. Baumer encoders include a large portfolio of products which includes absolute, incremental, ATEX and heavy duty encoders. These encoders have huge applications in the industry. Many automated system find there base on one of these Baumer Encoders. So lets look at some major types of encoders.

Baumer Absolute Encoders

The most popular product amongst the Baumer Electric’s high rang of products  is the Baumer Absolute Encoder. These Baumer encoders comes in various types like encoders with magnetic feature, encoders with optical detection features, encoders sensing multi-turn or encoders sensing single-turn. These Baumer Encoders are suitable for all types of industries as they are available in various mechanical designs and suitable interfaces. For instance, a SSI interface will provide position value transmission whereas parallel interface transmission can be done with angular position electronics as unique code data packet. We as Baumer Encoder Distributor supplies not only absolute encoders but also other types of Baumer make Encoders.

Baumer Incremental Encoders

Baumer incremental encoders and sine encoders are specially create for motor feedback and heavy duty application industry. These Baumer encoders provide an ideal connection between the periphery equipment and the control in the mechanical motion of the feedback system. These Baumer encoders are popular in the industry as they are available in stainless steel housing or explosion protection covering (ATEX approved). Hence these Baumer encoders can be used in the worst condition and still will provide the best results.

Baumer Programmable Incremental Encoders

These Baumer encoders are a perfect blend of standard Baumer Optical Incremental encoder and great customization facility. These encoders can be customized to use all the facilities of standard Baumer Optical Encoder according to the the requirement of the application. Clients can change the resolution of these encoders so that it will be useful for both application inventory and stock inventory.

Baumer Encoders Without Bearing

Baumer encoders without bearing are very useful in the extreme areas with very rough environmental conditions. These encoders show great sturdiness and resistance in the very harsh environment that encounter continuous shocks and vibration. These Baumer encoders provides with constant results even in that harsh environment. These encoders are available in absolute and incremental configuration. This even makes these Baumer encoders immune to dust, dirt and very extreme high or low temperatures. These encoders can be used in compact or linear measuring systems.

Baumer encoders have wide applications in the industry. We at RightMotions as Baumer Encoder Distributor provides premium quality and warrantied Baumer encoders to various parts of the world. With the help of our highly experience logistic team, we can supply these products to across India.