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RightMotions is P&F Sensors supplier in Dubai UAE

Pepperl + Fuchs, commonly known as P&F, was created by Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs, in the year 1945. This company was originally started as a simple radio repair shop and later it grew into a big transmitter and amplifier producing company. There first creation was a proximity switch and transistor amplifier. Today, the company manufactures a large range of products which includes inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, and ultrasonic sensors. They also deal with manufacturing of identification systems, bar code and camera systems, rotary encoders, position measurement systems, cordsets, and other accessories. We at RightMotions, as p&f Sensors , provide clients with a large variety of Pepperl + Fuchs product to assist them in delivering a great automation system.

P&F Sensors  provide vast range of products in the market. P&F rotary encoders are widely used in the industry for monitoring, direction, acceleration, speed and rotation monitoring. P&F provides photoelectric sensors which are basically uses for detection of non contact objects in an automation system. In additions, P&F also produces proximity sensors which are used in the detection on metallic parts in the non contact areas of big machinery or automation system. AS-Interfaces produced by P&F are known to replace the conventional wiring technology in the sensor actuator. P&F Sensors  make it a point to have provide all these products whenever there is a requirement of it.

The most core product of P&F are the isolated barriers. These products protects the electric signals even in the most dangerous areas. With this P&F has a wide portfolio of accessories which are used for connecting and mounting various types of sensors. P&F also provides with connectivity solutions which are used to increase the productivity. P&F also does display and signal processing to provide additional multitude to the various products they offer to the market. P&F also provides electrical explosion protection equipment which has multiple safety uses in the industry. This protection includes both products and services for the same. P&F Sensors  provides all these products and offers these solutions to the industry where ever it is required.

P&F provides inclination and acceleration sensors which are widely used in the industry to measure the angle of inclination of a  machine or the acceleration of any individual system. P&F’s level management systems are very useful in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, environmental or other industrial products. These products are used as the basic for managing and control the systems in these particular industries. P&F’s positioning system are very popular in the industry for positioning any industry, anywhere on the basis of tasks performed by the industry. P&F Sensors  do the task of taking these products to the industry where it is needed.

P&F also provides power supply solutions to dangerous areas. Their purge and pressurization systems are very easy to handle. With the help of their remote I/O systems, it is very easy to transmit data or process from any area with the help of binary and analog sensors. This transmission is controlled with the help of bus or interfaces. P&F’s signal conditioners are very useful for protection of signals in the between the device and systems controlled by the loop galvanic isolation. The zener barriers provides by P&F are also known to save cost for many applications in the system which deals with automation.

P&F Sensors  provides many such products on the industrial demands. Some other product range includes industrial monitors, HMI solutions, industrial vision, fieldbus infrastructure, hart interface solutions, etc.

We, as P&F Sensors , make it a point to provide our customers with genuine P&F products. We, as P&F Sensors , also assist our clients with atleast 1 year warranty over these products. We supply these products globally which includes India, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka Pakistan, UAE which includes Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and to the GCC region countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ,Oman and Bahrain.We have highly trained and experienced logistic system to supply Industrial Automation products to all the above mentioned countries.