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Ballluff Balluff BSI R11A0-XB-CXP360-S75G

Balluff BSI R11A0-XB-CXP360-S75G


We are Balluff Product supplier in India

Part Number – BSI0004

Inclination sensors continuously detect rotational movements in an axis.

Measuring principle Fluid
Measuring axes 1
Measuring range 0…360°
Operating voltage Ub 10…30 VDC
Interface Analog, current 4…20 mA
Resolution ≤ 0.01 °
Accuracy ±0.1 % FS min. 0.1 °
Connection Connector, M8x1
Housing material Aluminum
Ambient temperature -40…85 °C
IP rating IP67
Approval/Conformity CE, WEEE, EAC
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Balluff BSI R11A0-XB-CXP360-S75G

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