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The ‘Seller’ for all products is Rightmotions.com. By accessing and using our Website, you have agreed to each of the terms and conditions which is laid down here. By ordering the products from our site, you have agreed to the terms of use and conditions of the order.

Accessing the website as a normal user is free and doesn’t require any registration process, but if you want to order something from our site, then you must register yourself first and open an account in our website. Only after that, you will be able to order from Rightmotions.com. You have to provide a username and password of your choice and these will be your identification for our site.

The website Service, the Website information, and features, everything you see and experience on our Website are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and belong to Rightmotions.com, Pune. Rightmotions.com only grants you a personal and non-exclusive, license to use the Rightmotions.com website. And you will use its services only for personal and non-commercial use. If you want to use our service and products for commercial purpose, then you have to approach us in written and only after prior permission from a director, you can do so. You cannot copy, publish or broadcast any content from our site in any other media that includes product description, theme of the site and the company logo.

All the products sold by Rightmotions.com are subject to the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Rightmotions.com doesn’t provide any warranties regarding any products.

We offer customer support services as a convenience to our customers. We provide information and personal advices regarding the products available in our website. We don’t guarantee that the information provided by us is accurate or complete, and we shall have no liability in connection with any information provided by our representatives.

Hyperlinks to third-party Websites or ads do not imply an endorsement or sponsorship, by Rightmotions.com. By accessing our websites, you acknowledge that Rightmotions.com is not responsible for the availability of any such third party websites. You need to make your own decisions for visiting such third party websites.

Rightmotions.com can be accessed from anywhere around the world, but the products are available only in selected geographic locations. Rightmotions.com reserves the right to limit the availability of its products and services to selected geographic areas only.

Rightmotions.com attempts to display its content about the products in the form of articles, reviews and pictures only for the purpose of promotion.

In no event shall Rightmotions.com be liable to you for any indirect damages to the products you ordered. We will not be liable for any delay in the process of delivery due to causes which are beyond our control such as war, natural calamities, product shortage, labor strikes, transportation delays, Government regulations, epidemics and terrorism.

Rightmotions.com may change their agreement with you if they think it’s necessary. We may also change our agreement without your consent, but a notice regarding the changes will be mailed to your Email id which is registered with our website.

When you place an order on our site, we will verify your method of payment and shipping address. You have to provide a valid email id in order to order products from our website. In case of out of stock products, if the product is out of stock at the time of your order, you will have to wait for the product but our customer care representatives will inform you about the next shipment of the product. We also provide an express ordering system for quicker delivery of products. But in this system, you have a very short period of time to change your order or cancel your order. If the product enters the processing cycle, we cannot accept any changes to it. If you still want to make any changes then call our customer care representatives.

If you receive a product that has been damaged in transit, then it is very important to keep the shipping carton, all the parts and documentation intact and call our customer care representatives within 2 days of receiving the order.

Free Shipping within 2-3 days is only available in selected locations. Further costs will be charged to the buyer if he/she wants products shipped to special places.

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