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PILZ Products

PILZ products


We are PILZ Product supplier in india

Pilz makes things automatic and safe. They use things like sensors and controls to do this. They also have software tools and services to help. This makes complete systems that are both automatic and safe. Pilz does this by combining safety and automation into one solution.

Pilz Sensor Technology

Safe automation - With Pilz safety sensors

Pilz has a variety of safety sensors that you can choose from. These include safety switches, safety gate systems, optical sensors, safe radar, and camera systems. These sensors provide protection for humans, machines, and the environment, while ensuring productivity is maximized. Pilz sensors meet international safety standards and are robust in use and easy to operate. When combined with Pilz control technology, you get an efficient and cost-effective solution. You are guaranteed high safety, productivity, and availability with Pilz sensors.

Pilz Safety switches

Safety switches can be used in a variety of areas: when a guard is opened, hazardous machine movements must be stopped, for example, and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat or manipulate the guards.

Safety gate systems

Safety gate systems such as PSENmech with guard locking, PSENslock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate are used for guard protection. They monitor doors in safety fences as well as covers and flaps. Our safety gate systems provide you with a cost-optimised, effective solution, which meets the requirements of EN ISO 14119.

Safety light curtains

With our safety light curtains PSENopt and PSENopt II, you can protect your staff and capital goods – safely, efficiently and economically. An invisible infra-red protected field protects the danger zones and enables optimum access protection. Ideal for production processes requiring active intervention.

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 metres. Thanks to the free configuration of warning fields and protected fields, plus the ability to adapt to structural conditions, the safety laser scanners are ideal for integrating into the widest range of applications. The safety laser scanner PSENscan is especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding as well as access monitoring.

Safe radar systems

With radar systems you can monitor protection zones safely even when optical sensors reach their limits. Thanks to their insensitivity they are perfectly protected against external influences such as dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks or shock. As a result they are particularly suited for use outdoors, in heavy industry or woodworking.

Safe camera systems

The safe camera systems are used to monitor 2D or 3D zones. In contrast to simple sensors, they are able to record and analyse detailed information about the whole monitored zone. They provide a high level of safety plus user-friendly functionalities for many safety and standard control functions.

Pilz Relays

The optimum safety solution for every requirement

The aim of Pilz relays is to keep the risk to man and machine as low as possible. To guarantee this protection, for decades Pilz has been developing innovative safety relays that have proven their worth on the market a million times over.

For reliable monitoring of functional safety, we offer the safety relay PNOZ and the modular safety relay myPNOZ. You use the electronic monitoring relays PMD to monitor electrical safety.

Safety relay/safety relays

The safety relays PNOZ monitor safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light barriers, light curtains, two-hand controls, speed, standstill and much more besides. Every day, PNOZ safety relays prove themselves in millions of applications worldwide.

Monitoring relays

These monitoring relays are multifunctional and can be applied universally, covering a wide range of applications. You can use PMD monitoring relays to meet the requirements of IEC 60204-1 for the safety of electrical equipment on your machines.

Line monitoring devices

The safe line monitoring device PLIDdys provides safe power-up on two-wire connections, providing maximum safety on long cable routes. With PLIDdys, unintended power-up or plant start-up can be excluded in the event of an error. This is particularly beneficial on interlinked plants or on plant sections distributed over a wide area, which may not always be clearly visible.

Brake control devices

Applications with safety brakes and holding brakes require reliable brake monitoring. This eliminates all potential hazards for the user – even when the drive is in a de-energised state. With the stand-alone safety relay PNOZ s50, Pilz is offering an economical solution for controlling two safety brakes up to category PL e of EN ISO 13849-1.

modular safety relay myPNOZ

The new modular safety relay myPNOZ is produced individually according to your requirements in batch size 1. An easy-to-use device that’s flexible in application and boasts clever features, it ensures reliable monitoring of your safety functions.

PILZ Part Numbers

PILZPNOZ s30 C 24-240VACDC 2 n/o 2 n/c751330
PILZPNOZ e3.1p 24VDC 2so774139
PILZPZE X4P 24VDC 4n/o777585
PILZPNOZ X3P 24VDC 24VAC 3n/o 1n/c 1so777310
PILZPNOZ X2.1 24VAC/DC 2n/o774306
PILZPNOZ m1p base unit773100
PILZPNOZ mi1p 8 input773400
PILZPNOZ mo1p 4 so773500
PILZPSEN cs4.1n 1switch541153
PILZPNOZ X3P C 24VDC 24VAC 3n/o 1n/c 1so787310
PILZPNOZ XV3 30/24VDC 3n/o 2n/o t774540
PILZPNOZ s5 C 24VDC 2 n/o 2 n/o t751105
PILZPNOZ e1vp 10/24VDC 1so 1so t774131
PILZPSEN cs3.1 M12/8-0.15m 1switch541059
PILZPSEN 2.1a-20/8mm/5m /1switch522126
PILZPSEN 2.1-20/1actuator512120
PILZPNOZsigma Chip Card-manager set750030
PILZPNOZ mc1p773700
PILZPNOZ mo4p 4n/o773536
PILZPNOZ XV2 30/24VDC 2n/o 2n/o t774500
PILZPNOZ 2VQ 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 2n/o t774013
PILZPNOZ X2.8P C787301
PILZPNOZ XV1P 30/24VDC 2n/o 1n/o t777602
PILZPSWZ X1P 3V /24-240VACDC 2n/o 1n/c 2so777950
PILZPNOZ XV1P 3/24VDC 2n/o 1n/o t777601
PILZP2HZ X3 24VDC 2n/o 1n/c774350
PILZPNOZ X3 110VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so774314
PILZPNOZ m ES Profinet  772138
PILZPNOZ mm0.1p772001
PILZPNOZ s6 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c 750106
PILZPSEN 1.2p-20/8mm/ 1 switch525120
PILZPNOZ X3P 24VDC 24VAC 3n/o 1n/c 1so777310
PILZPNOZ X2.1 24VAC/DC 2n/o774306
PILZPNOZ m1p base unit773100
PILZPNOZ mi1p 8 input773400
PILZPNOZ mo1p 4 so773500
PILZPNOZ s5 C 24VDC 2 n/o 2 n/o t751105
PILZPNOZ e1vp 10/24VDC 1so 1so t774131
PILZPSEN cs3.1 M12/8-0.15m 1switch541059
PILZPNOZ s4 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c750104
PILZPNOZ X4 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c774730
PILZPNOZ X3 24VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so774310
PILZPNOZ X7 24VACDC 2n/o774059
PILZPSEN cs3.1p 1switch541060
PILZPSEN cs4.2p 1switch541260
PILZPNOZ s3 C 24VDC 2 n/o751103
PILZPNOZ s9 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c t 751109
PILZPNOZ s7 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c751107
PILZPNOZ X1 24VAC/DC 3n/o 1n/c774300
PILZPNOZ s4 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c751104
PILZPNOZ s5 24VDC 2 n/o 2 n/o t750105
PILZPNOZ s7 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c750107
PILZPSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch 524120
PILZPSEN 1.1-20 / 1 actuator514120
PILZPNOZ X2.8P 24VACDC 3n/o 1n/c777301
PILZPNOZ X3 230VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so774318
PILZPNOZ m1p ETH773103
PILZPNOZ s9 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c t750109
PILZPNOZ m B0772100
PILZPZA 30/24VDC 1n/o 2n/c774030
PILZPNOZ s4 48-240VACDC 3 n/o 1 n/c750134
PILZP2HZ X4P C 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c787355
PILZP2HZ X1 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c774340
PILZPNOZ s1 24VDC 2 n/o750101
PILZPSEN sl-1.0p 1.1 VA 1switch570640
PILZPSEN cs3.1b 1 switch541062
PILZPNOZ X2.8P 24-240VAC/DC 3n/o 1n/c777302
PILZPNOZ X3P 24-240VACDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so777313
PILZPNOZ mo3p 2so773510
PILZPNOZ mo2p 2n/o773520
PILZPNOZ s1 C 24VDC 2 n/o 751101
PILZPNOZ s4 C 48-240VACDC 3 n/o 1 n/c751134
PILZPNOZ X2.8P C 24-240VAC/DC 3n/o 1n/c787302
PILZPNOZ X2 24VAC/DC 2n/o774303
PILZPNOZ X3 110VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so774314
PILZPNOZ s10 C 24VDC 4 n/o 1 n/c751110
PILZPNOZ e3.1p C 24VDC 2so784139
PILZP2HZ X3 24VDC 2n/o 1n/c774350
PILZP2HZ X3 24VDC 2n/o 1n/c774350
PILZPNOZ XV3P 3/24 VDC 3n/o 2n/o t 777512
PILZPNOZ 1 230-240VAC 3n/o 1n/c775650
PILZPNOZ s6 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c750106
PILZPNOZ X3 115VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so774315
PILZPNOZ s30 24-240VACDC 2 n/o 2 n/c750330
PILZPSWZ X1P C 0,0075-0,5V/24-240VACDC787951
PILZPNOZ mc7p CC-Link 2773716
PILZPNOZ e2.2p C 24VDC 2so784135
PILZPSEN 1.1-10 / 1 actuator514110
PILZPSEN ma1.1p-10/3mm/1switch506409
PILZPSEN cs1.1p / PSEN cs1.1 1 Unit540000
PILZPSEN cable axial M12 8-pole 30m540326
PILZPSEN cs4.1 M12/8-0.15m/PSEN cs4.1 1Unit541109
PILZPNOZ mm0.1p772001
PILZPNOZ e1.1p C 24VDC 2so784133
PILZPNOZ e5.11p C 24VDC 2so784190
PILZPSEN 1.1p-20/PSEN 1.1-20/8mm/ 1unit 504220
PILZPSEN Kabel Winkel/cable angleplug 2m533110
PILZPZE 9P 24VACDC 8n/o 1n/c777140
PILZPNOZ s2 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c751102
PILZPNOZ mi2p 8 standard input773410
PILZPNOZ XV2 3/24VDC 2n/o 2n/o fix774505
PILZPNOZ mm0p-T772010
PILZPNOZ XV3 300/24VDC 3n/o 2n/o t 774548
PILZPNOZ s3 24VDC 2 n/o750103
PILZPSEN 2.1a-20/PSEN 2.1-20/8mm /5m/1unit502226
PILZPNOZ X2.8P C787301
PILZPNOZ X2P 24VACDC 2n/o 777303
PILZPNOZ mo4p Set spring loaded terminals783536
PILZPNOZ s4.1 C 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c  751124
PILZPIT es Set1s-5 s 400447
PILZPIT es Set1s-5 400432