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PILZ Pilz PIT es Set1s-5Pilz

Pilz PIT es Set1s-5Pilz


Pilz PIT es Set1s-5Pilz

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Product ID: 400432

PITestop, E-STOP/contact block set, consisting of E-STOP pushbutton with E-STOP symbol and logo and contact block with monitoring, 2 N/C,terminals (screw type).

Electrical data

Min. contact current1  

Emergency stop

Switch cap. E-STOP to standardEN 60947-5-1  
Contact material E-STOPAgNi  

Environmental data

Ambient temperature-30 – 70  °C
Pollution degree clear.&creep.3  
Protection type, housing 

Mechanical data

Mounting positionbeliebig  
Connection terminalSchraubklemme  
Height dimension100  mm
Width dimension55  mm
Net weight66  g
Gross weight79  g
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Pilz PIT es Set1s-5Pilz

Pilz PIT es Set1s-5Pilz

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