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About RightMotions

Industrial Automation

RightMotions is a supplier of all kinds of Industrial Automation Products

It all began in the year 2010. RightMotions started in the year 2010 by Rightmotions, India. RightMotions deals with the supply of various industrial automation products to the industry. These products include the supplies of great variety of sensors, tachogenerators, encoders, power supplies, resolvers and as well as connectors & cables.

Over the years, RightMotions has evolved into one of the most popular and reputed suppliers of all kinds of industrial automation products. We are mainly deal with the trading of quality industrial automation products, that is import of automation products from overseas and export it to other parts of the world where ever required. Our strength lies in sourcing top quality product at the best possible price to facilitate business for automation. With a broad spectrum of experience, our team of engineers offers appropriate technical and economical solutions which will suit that particular industry in the best way possible.

No matter where you are, we deliver your products safely and quickly..!

We offer automation products of world’s top-class brands on our portal. People who are looking for automation solutions can directly contact us online and place their orders. On the bases of our broad industry experience and in-depth category expertise, we help every possible manufacturer industry to provide them with the most optimum solution which will be customized only for them.

Why Choose Us

RightMotions is Automation Dealer who deals with providing the manufacturing industry with the required automation products. We differ from the other automation suppliers in the market. We don’t believe in just delivering your products. Our highly experienced team understands your requirement and then analyze clients requirement with it. If we think, some important product is missing, we make it a point to at-least mention and explain the importance of the missing product. In case of technically advanced products, we make it a point to provide the client with any variety of that product, which will suit their business particular requirement.

While delivering highest quality product, RightMotions as automation dealer always assure our clients with:
  • A wide range of products that can be dispatched within a day’s time
  • Top quality products of brands that are trusted, worldwide
  • Utmost convenience by delivering the products right to your doorstep
  • Excellent customer service, as  we believe in develop long-term relationship with our clients
  • Innovative and result driven business solutions to satisfy all our clients.
We have set great service principles for ourselves. We believe in:
  • Commitment – To deliver prompt customer service
  • Trust – To honor and fulfill all our commitments
  • Ingenuity – To meet the current and the future needs of our customers
  • Quality – To maintain the highest industry standards in all our products
  • Reliability – to surpass the expectations of our customers and business partner
  • Value – To make sure the client gets the right product at the right price from us