PILZ Pilz PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch

Pilz PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch


PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch

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Product ID: 524120

Magnetic safety switch 2 n/o, 4-pin M8 male connector, square design, IP67, switching distance 8 mm, height design 13 mm, PU = 1 piece without actuator.

Electrical data

Supply voltage (V)24  V
Type of supply voltage U1DC  
Switching voltage24  

Environmental data

Ambient temperature-10 – 55  °C
EMC to standard …EN 60947-5-3  
Vibration to standard …EN 60947-5-2  
Acc. shock to standard130g  
Pollution degree clear.&creep.3  
Protection type, housingIP65  

Mechanical data

Type 1 actuatorPSEN 1.1-20  
Sensor can be flush-mountedJa, Montagehinweis beachten  
Connection typeM8, 4pol. male  
Housing material upper partPBT  
Height dimension36  mm
Width dimension26  mm
Depth dimension13  mm
Net weight14  g
Gross weight25  g
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PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch

Pilz PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch

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