PILZ Pilz PSEN Kabel Winkel/cable angleplug 2m

Pilz PSEN Kabel Winkel/cable angleplug 2m


Pilz PSEN cable axial M12 8-pole 30mPilz

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Product ID: 533110

Connection cable, PUR, yellow RAL1003, suitable for drag chains, 4-pin,socket angled M8, on open line end, A-coded, cable length: 2m

Electrical data

Rated current4  
Typ. conductor resistance K179 Ohm/km  
Specific contact resistance K1>= 7E+15 Ohm*cm  
Specific conductor capacity K164,6pF/m  

Environmental data

Ambient temperature-25 – 80  °C
Pollution degree clear.&creep.3  
Protection type, housingIP67  

Mechanical data

Connector type 14-pol. M8-Buchsenstecker  
Shape of connector type 1gewinkelt  
Matl threaded ring conn 1CuZn vernickelt  
Contact surfaces material 1Au  
Material of socketsCuSn  
Cable material K1Cu  
Insulation material cable K1PP (9Y)  
Cable type K1LiF9Y11Y  
Length cable2  
Tolerance of cable length K1+/- 40 mm  
Colour cable insulation 1gelb, ähnlich RAL1003  
Housing colourschwarz  
Material of cable insulation 1TPU / TPE-U  
Trailing capability of cable 1ja  
Bend radius (when laying) K15 x Ø  
Max. outside diameter cable K14.7  
Conductor cross section0.25  
Cable cross section AWG K124  
Stranding K14 Adern  
Shielding K1nein  
Number of conductors4  
Approvals for cable K1UL AWM-Style 20233  
Approvals for connector 1UL 94 HB  
Oil resistancebeständig  
Flame resistanceUL VW1  
Housing materialPUR  
Net weight60  g
Gross weight67  g
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Pilz PSEN cable axial M12 8-pole 30mPilz

Pilz PSEN Kabel Winkel/cable angleplug 2m

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