Baumer HOG71 DN 1024 TTL

HOG71 DN 1024 TTL


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Incremental encoder with blind hollow shaft, ø 12-14 mm, optical sensing.


INCREMENTAL ENCODER ø 12-14 mm.Optical sensing, blind hollow shaft.

Incremental encoders Baumer Hubner HOG71 DN 1024 TTL 12H7 series are designed for equipment where compact size and high level of protection are required.  Also, they have robust die-cast housing and inside connecting terminals.

The main characteristics of HOG 71 DN 1024 TTL 12H7:

  • Size: ø 12-14 mm;
  • blind hollow shaft;
  • Protection up to IP66;
  • Frequency response up to 120 kHz;
  • Pulse number: 1024;
  • Voltage supply: 9…26 VDC 5 VDC ±5 %
  • Logic level TTL or HTL
  • Logic level TTL with regulator UB 9…26VDC
  • Inside connecting terminals
  • High resistance to shock and vibrations.
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HOG71 DN 1024 TTL

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