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Euchner Euchner AE-M-CET-103714


Euchner AE-M-CET-103714


Euchner AE-M-CET-103714

We are Euchner AE-M-CET-103714 product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 103714

Using the emergency release, the read head/switch can be unlocked manually. In the locked position of the emergency release, a ball detent mechanism prevents unintentional unlocking of the read head due to vibration or similar. In the unlocked position of the emergency release, an integrated bolt engages in a bore on the flange. To reset the emergency release, the bolt must first be pressed inwards out of the detent mechanism using a tool. Lead seal kit included.

Mechanical values and environment

Dimensions19 mm Emergency release installation height


Detent mechanismyes
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Euchner AE-M-CET-103714

Euchner AE-M-CET-103714

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