Euchner Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601


Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601


Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601

We are Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601 product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 106601

Read head CES-A-LNN-SC… M8 plug connector

  • Cube-shaped design 42 x 25 mm
  • Mounting compatible with series CES-A-LNA/LCA
  • LED for indicating the door position
  • With plug connector M8

Attention: The actuating range may vary depending on the substrate material and installation situation.

Important: Actuators must be ordered separately!

Approach directions

<p>Approach directions</p>

Typical actuating range

<p>Typical actuating range</p>

For a side approach direction for the actuator and read head, a minimum distance of s = 6 mm must be maintained so that the actuating range of the side lobes is not entered.

Operating and display elements

LED displaywhite: valid actuator detected

Electrical connection values

Power supplyvia evaluation unit

Mechanical values and environment

Connection typeM8 plug connector, 3-pin
Tightening torque
Fixing screwsmax. 1 Nm
Installation orientationany
Cable length
maximum allowedmax. 25 m
Degree of protectionIP67
Ambient temperature-25 … +70 °C
HousingReinforced thermoplastic (PBT), fully encapsulated
Method of operationinductive
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Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601

Euchner CES-A-LNN-SC-106601

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