Euchner Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362 


Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362 


Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362 

We are Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362  product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 123362

Transponder-coded safety switch CTP-AR, M23

  • Safety switch with guard locking and integrated evaluation electronics
  • Up to 20 switches in series
  • Short circuit monitoring
  • 2 safety outputs (semiconductor outputs)
  • Up to category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • With plug connector M23
  • Unicode
  • Door monitoring output
  • Approach directions A, B and C (delivery state)

Approach direction


Can be adjusted in 90° steps

Unicode evaluation

Each actuator is highly coded (unicode). The switch detects only taught-in actuators. Additional actuators can be taught-in. Only the last actuator taught-in is detected.

Guard locking type

CTP-L1Guard locking actuated by spring force and power-ON released (closed-circuit current principle).

Connector assignment

Plug connector (view of connection side)PinDesignationFunctionConnecting cable conductor coloring
1IMPOperating voltage of guard locking solenoid, 24 V DCVT
2FI1AEnable input for channel 1RD
3FI1BEnable input for channel 2GY
4FO1ASafety output, channel 1RD/BU
5FO1BSafety output, channel 2GN
6UBOperating voltage of AR electronics, 24 V DCBU
7RSTReset inputGY/PK
8ODDoor monitoring outputGN/WH
9OIDiagnostic outputYE/WH
10OLGuard lock monitoring outputGY/WH
12FEFunctional earth (must be connected to meet the EMC requirements)GN/YE
18IMMOperating voltage of guard locking solenoid, 0 VYE
190 V UBOperating voltage of AR electronics, 0 VBN

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Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362 

Euchner CTP-L1-AR-U-HA-AZ-SH-123362 

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