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We are EUCHNER GMOX-PR-12DN-C16 product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 103267

Order number103267
Item designationGMOX-PR-12DN-C16
Gross weight0,936kg
Customs tariff number85371098

AS-Interface Safety at Work safety monitor with integrated Gateway GMOx

  • One AS-i master
  • Display and pushbuttons for diagnostics and adjustment
  • Memory card for different programs
  • Adjustable time-delay
  • 16 OSSDs

Gateway to Profibus

For connection to a Profibus DP as a slave and as a master for an AS-i bus according to specification 3.0. Detection of earth fault, double addressing and EMC problems.

Rapid setup with the display without PC. Direct display of faults with plain-text messages. Comprehensive AS-i diagnostics integrated. AS-i configuration software is available.

OSSDs (Output Signal Switching Devices), AS-i outputs

  • Two OSSDs with two redundant normally closed contacts each
  • Two OSSDs with semiconductor outputs
  • 12 additional safe AS-i outputs can be controlled


  • 4 inputs, freely selectable

Logic functions

Programmable with AsiMon software. All safety components can be programmed with different functions as inputs. The inputs can be linked with AND or OR gates or via logic functions such as FlipFlop, switch-on delay, OFF time or pulses.

Different programs can be stored on a memory card.

AS-Interface monitor

The monitor controls two AS-i circuits with up to 62 safe slaves and up to 16 outputs.

Display and pushbuttons

The display is used to operate the gateway functionality as well as the monitor at the same time. The diagnostics and maintenance functions are considerably expanded compared to the SFM monitors. They can also be launched on the display without a PC monitor.

Incorporated security functions allow the programmed functionality to be protected and monitored.

Power supply

Version N permits connection of several GMOx devices to the same power supply unit.

Important: A connection kit must be ordered for each safety monitor. See Accessories.

Controls and indicators

LED indicator
LED AUX auxiliary power is present
LED prj mode, configuration mode active
LED PROFIBUS master detected
4 x LEDs EDM / start state of the inputs for the external device monitoring circuits: LED off: open, LED on: closed
LED prg enable automatic slave programming possible
LED power, voltage ON
4 x LEDs, output circuits, state of the output circuits: LED off: open, LED on: closed
LED AS-i active AS-i operation normal
LED config error configuration error
LED U AS-i voltage OK
DisplayLCD AS-i slave address indication, error messages
ItemExtrasColorDesignation1NumberLEDSwitching elementVersionSlide-in label inscriptionNote slide-in label

Electrical connection ratings

Power consumption9 W
Response delay
Safety circuit offmax. 40 ms
ASI operating currentmax. 300 mA
Connection cross-section
Flexible wire for cable end sleeve
for wire2x (0.5…1.5) mm2
ASI voltage30 V
ASI cycle time150 μs 150 x (number of slaves + 2)
NumberTypeFunctionFootnote4Feedback loop/startEDM1/Start1: 1.Y1; EDM2/Start2: 2.Y1; EDM3/Start3:1.Y2; EDM4/ Start4: 2.Y2
Rated insulation voltage Ui500 V
NumberTypeFunctionFootnote4Output switching elements, output circuits 1, 2, 3 and 4Relay outputs 1.13, 2.13, semiconductor outputs 1.14, 2.14, 3.14, 4.14
Switch-on delay10 s
Card slotyes 

Mechanical values and environment

Number of OSSDs16 (4 fed out)
Number of masters1
Degree of protectionIP20
HousingStainless steel
Mounting typeMounting rail 35 mm according to DIN EN 60715TH35
Ambient temperature0 … +55 °C
permissible shock and vibration loadaccording to EN 61 131-2

Reliability values acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Mission time20 y
Performance LevelPL e
PFHD5.36 x 10-9


in compliance withEN 61 000-6-2, EN 61 000-6-4, EN 62 061, IEC 61 508, EN ISO 13 849-1

Interface, bus

Bus data protocolPROFIBUS according to EN 50 170-3
Data rate9.6 … 12000 kbit/s
Data interfaceSerial interface RS 232
PeripheryDecentralized peripheral equipment mapping of the AS-i slaves as I/O process data in the PROFIBUS; complete diagnostics and configuration via PROFIBUS DP master
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