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Euchner Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296


Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296


Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296

We are Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296 product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 113986

Bolt CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296

  • Steel bolt
  • Safety switch already pre-assembled
  • Connection via M12 plug connector
  • For doors hinged on the left or right
  • Ball detent mechanism in closed position
  • Can be locked in open position with padlocks
  • Switch and actuator included
  • Protective plate for safety switch


  • Robust design
  • Easily mounted to standard aluminum profiles and machine covers by screw connection
  • Distinctive yellow color for easy recognition
  • Symmetrical design for doors hinged on the right or left
  • No additional door handle necessary


  • CES actuator integrated in the bolt tongue
  • Safety switch CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145 included. For further information, see product page for the safety switch.

Special features

  • Highly coded actuator (unicode) – maximum protection against tampering
  • Bolt with detent mechanism – ball detent mechanism in closed bolt position – protection against vibration

Mechanical values and environment

Approach directionA or C
Number of safety switches that can be mounted1
Escape releaseyes
Guide stripsPlastic
Base plateGalvanized steel
Switch bracketSteel powder-coated


C number
C2296Gap dimension 7mm
Detent mechanism closed positionBall detent mechanism

Switch CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145 (Order no. 111145)

Switch CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145  (Order no. 111145)


Repeat accuracy R
according to EN 60947-5-2

Electrical connection values

external (operating voltage)0.25 … 8 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui300 V 
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp1.5 kV
Operating voltage DC
UB24 V DC -15% … +15% reverse polarity protected, regulated, residual ripple < 5%, PELV
Turn-on time
Safety outputsmax. 400 ms
EMC protection requirementsaccording to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3max. 260 ms
Safety classIII
Current consumption
no load on outputsmax. 50 mA
Degree of contamination (external3
Safety outputs OA / OB
Output typeSemiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output voltage
LOW U(OA,OB)0 … 1 V DC
rated conditional short-circuit currentmax. 100 A
Discrepancy timemax. 10 ms
Utilization category
DC-1324V 400mA 
Off-state current Irmax. 0.25 mA
Switching current
per safety output1 … 400 mA
Test pulse durationmax. 0.4 ms

Mechanical values and environment

Connection typeM12 plug connector, 5-pin; pin 5 not used
Tightening torque
Fixing screwsmax. 1 Nm
Ready delay0.5 s
Installation orientationany
Switching frequencymax. 1 Hz
Mounting distancemin. 40 mm
Shock and vibration resistanceaccording to EN IEC 60947-5-3
Degree of protectionIP67
Ambient temperature-20 … +55 °C
HousingPlastic, PBT

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

Mission time20 y
Monitoring of the guard position
Performance LevelPL e
PFHD2.1 x 10-9 


The following applies to the approval according to ULOperation only with UL Class 2 power supply or equivalent measures
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Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296

Euchner RIEGEL CES-AC-AP-C01-AH-SB-C2296

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