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Euchner Euchner ZXE-091336 


Euchner ZXE-091336 


Euchner ZXE-091336 

We are Euchner ZXE-091336  product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 091336

ZXE, 3-stage

  • 3-stage function
  • Dual-channel version
  • 22.5 mm installation dimension

3-stage function

Enabling function is active only in the second stage (center position, actuating point). If the pushbutton is released or pushed further (panic function), the enabling is removed (dependent on the wiring, see function sequence).

Switching element

22022NO/NC 1) From position 1 to position 2 –> NO contact; from position 2 to position 3 –> NC contact.

Electrical connection values

external0.1 A medium slow-blow
Connection cross section
single conductor0.33 … 1.5 mm²
multiple conductor0.33 … 0.75 mm²
Connection cross section AWG
single conductor22 … 16 AWG
multiple conductor22 … 18 AWG
rated conditional short-circuit current100 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui30 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp1.5 kV
Utilization category
DC-130.1A 24V
Breaking capacitymax. 0.25 W
Switching current5 … 100 mA
Degree of contamination (external3

Mechanical values and environment

Stripping length5 mm
Connection typeScrew terminal, 4-pin
Number of switching elements2 Normally open contact
Tightening torque
Screwsmax. 0.15 Nm
Rated actuating force according to EN 60947-5-8100
Actuating forcemax. 50 N 
Installation orientationany
Mechanical life
Position 1-2-10.1 x 10⁶
Position 1-2-3-10.1 x 10⁶
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature-5 … +60 °C
Protective capCR

Characteristic values according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

B10D0.75 x 10⁶


in compliance withDIN EN 60947-5-8
Protective capblack
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Euchner ZXE-091336 

Euchner ZXE-091336 

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