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HYDAC Hydac 0110 D 010 ON

Hydac 0110 D 010 ON


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HYDAC 1251438, 0110 D 010 ON /-V, FILTER ELEMENT

  • The Opti micron filter elements have been optimized with respect to filtration performance and energy efficiency. These elements offer the best optimization of separation efficiency, service life and differential pressure versus flow rate
  • Unique HELIOS pleat geometry – optimizes media area open to flow to calm the flow in areas between pleats reducing?
  • Outer wrap perforations ensure optimized flow onto the filter pleats and help to minimize pressure losses.
  • Outer wrap perforations also help to distribute the fluid incidence stresses evenly in the axial and radial directions and thus increase tear resistance.
  • Low pressure drops, due to optimized flow channels
  • Homogenous flow of the operating fluid
  • Compact design, since the lower pressure drop enables the use of smaller filters
  • Cost savings with possible use of smaller filters
  • Increased operation safety and longer oil change intervals even when low-conductive oils are employed – through integrated
  • Stat-Free® element technology
  • Possible use in applications subject to API Standard 614 / ISO 10438
  • Innovative outer wrap with improved diffusor effect?
Tech Specifications
Micron Rating:10
Filter Collapse Rating:290 psid
Filter Media:Optimicron®
Element Type:Pressure Line
Seals:Viton (FKM)
Nominal Flow Rating:29 gpm
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Hydac 0110 D 010 ON

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