HYDAC Hydac EDS 344-2-016-000

Hydac EDS 344-2-016-000


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Manufacturer: HYDAC
Type: Pressure Transmitter
: EDS 344-2-016-000
Art Nr.: 906274

Pressure Measuring Range: 0 … 16 bar
Signal output:  1.2 m A
G ¼ , Male Threaded
Electrical Connection: M18, 4 pole binder plug
Supply Voltage:
 20 … 32 V DC
Fluid Temperature Range: –40 … 85°C
Weight: 110 g

The EDS 300 is a compact, electronic pressure switch with integrated digital display. The integrated pressure sensor is based on a measurement cell with thin-fi lm strain gauge on a stainless steel membrane. Four different output models are available: with one switch point or with two switch points and both models can also have an additional Analog output signal 4 to 20 mA. The switch points and the associated hysteresis can be adjusted using the key pad. For optimum adaptation to a particular application, the instrument has many additional adjustment parameters, e.g. switching delay times, N/O / N/C function of the outputs.

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Hydac EDS 344-2-016-000

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