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HYDAC Hydac ETS 3228-5-350-000

Hydac ETS 3228-5-350-000


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HYDAC TECH-HYCON DIV 909623 Temperature Switches ETS 3228-5-350-000

The ETS 3200 is a compact, electronic temperature switch with 4-character digital display. With its integrated temperature sensor, the ETS 3200 is particularly suitable for direct tank installation and is available with several sensor lengths. The up to 600 bar pressure-resistant version with an integrated 18 mm temperature sensor can also be mounted directly in the pipeline or on the hydraulic block. Various output variants with one or two switching outputs, optionally with additional analogue output signal, open up a multitude of application possibilities. The switching points and the associated hystereses can be set up per keyboard very quickly and with great user-friendliness. For adjustment to the respective application, the device offers many additional setting parameters (e.g. switching delay times, opener/closer functions, etc.)

  • 2 switching outputs, capable of bearing loads of up to 1.2 A per output
  • Optional analogue output (4 … 20 mA / 0 … 10V)
  • 4-character digital display
  • Optional alignment of the display by means of rotational capability in 2 axes
  • Switching / reset points and many helpful additional functions can be set using the foil keyboard
  • Display of measured value and units in °C or °F
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Hydac ETS 3228-5-350-000

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