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IFM IFM FT-11-EPA-M6/F1X1+16X0,265/2M

IFM FT-11-EPA-M6/F1X1+16X0,265/2M


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Article No. E20654

IFM Fibre optic diffuse reflection sensor

  • For installation in places where access is difficult
  • Operation as diffuse reflection sensor
  • For use at short range
  • For cutting to size
  • Small bending radius
Function principleDiffuse reflection sensor
Detection zone
Range with fibre optic amplifier typeOB50; OBF; OO50
Range fibre optics [mm]60
Range fibre optics [mm]90
Range fibre optics [mm]300
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C]-40…70
Mechanical data
Weight [g]48.5
Version of sensing headstraight
Sensing head threadM6
Sensing head length [mm]35
Total length [mm]2000
Min. bending radius [mm]30
Fibre arrangement
Core diameter [mm]1 x 1 + 16 x 0.25
Fibre materialPMMA
Fibre head materialaluminium
Fibre sheath materialPE
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IFM FT-11-EPA-M6/F1X1+16X0,265/2M

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