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IFM IM5118


IFM IM5117

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Article No. IMC2015-ASI /US-100-DPS

Inductive AS-Interface sensor

  • With AS-i interface
  • Long sensing range for use in conveying
  • Five positions of the sensing face selectable
  • LED display to check switching status and operation
  • Corner LEDs clearly visible in any mounted position

Product characteristics

Electrical designAS-i
Sensing range [mm]15
Dimensions [mm]40 x 40 x 54

Electrical data

Operating voltage [V]26.5…31.6 DC
Current consumption [mA]< 35
Protection classIII
Reverse polarity protectionyes


Electrical designAS-i
Switching frequency DC [Hz]100

Detection zone

Sensing range [mm]15
Operating distance [mm]0…12.1

Accuracy / deviations

Correction factorsteel: 1 / stainless steel: 0.7 / brass: 0.5 / aluminium: 0.5 / copper: 0.4
Hysteresis [% of Sr]1…20
Switch point drift [% of Sr]-10…10

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature [°C]-25…70
ProtectionIP 67

Tests / approvals

EMCEN 61000-4-2 ESD4 kV CD / 8 kV ADEN 61000-4-3 HF radiated10 V/mEN 61000-4-4 Burst2 kVEN 61000-4-6 HF conducted10 VEN 55011class B
MTTF [years]958

AS-i classification

AS-i version3.0
Extended addressing modeyes
AS-i I/O configuration [hex]0
AS-i ID code [hex]A.E
AS-i certificate71901
Assignment of the data bitsDesignationswitching signalunsafe zonereadiness for operationnot usedstatus = 0target outside the active zone, yellow LED offtarget within the uncertain zone, red LED flashesunit faulty or distance to medium < 10 %, red LED flashes-status = 1target within the active zone, yellow LED ontarget outside the uncertain zone, red LED offreadiness for operation, red LED offdefault value

Mechanical data

Weight [g]151.5
Sensing face5 positions selectable
Mountingflush mountable
Dimensions [mm]40 x 40 x 54
MaterialsPBT; PPE

Displays / operating elements

Displayswitching status1 x LED, yellowfunction1 x LED, red


Pack quantity1 pcs.

Electrical connection – plug

ConnectionConnector: 1 x M12; coding: A; Locking: locking, rotatable
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