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INTORQ BFK458-16N 250V 125NM


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Article No. 15191617

BFK458-16N Spring-applied brakes intorq

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes are used wherever masses in motion have to be decelerated as quickly as possible or where masses must be held in a defined position.

The braking force is applied by tappet springs. Thus the braking torque generated by friction locking remains available in the deenergised status – even in the event of mains failure. The brake is released electromagnetically. 

Fields of application:

Brake motors, Conveyors, Cranes, Storage technology, Industrial trucks, Wood working machines, Stage machinery, Vehicles for the disabled, Automation technology, Controlled drives, Gate drives and Escalators.

Complete brake consisting of: 

  • Stator (Magnet-part) complete Basic N- Fixed 80 [Nm] 
  • Rotor (standard with aluminium)
  • Hub 

technical data: 

  • Manufacture: Intorq
  • Type: BFK458
  • size: 16
  • Design: N – fixied braking torque
  • Characteristic torque: 80 [Nm]
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INTORQ BFK458-16N 250V 125NM

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