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Schmersal Schmersal SRB301ST-24V-(V.2)

Schmersal SRB301ST-24V-(V.2)


We are Schmersal Product supplier in India

Part Number – 103006151

  • Suitable for the signal processing of outputs with contact sensors
  • Suitable for signal processing of outputs connected to potentials (AOPDs), e.g. safety light grids/curtains
  • Suitable for the signal processing of outputs with contact sensors
  • 3 safety contacts, STOP 0
  • 1 Signalling output

Ordering data

EAN (European Article Number)4030661521589
eCl@ss number, Version 9.027-37-18-19
eCl@ss number, Version 11.027-37-18-19
ETIM number, version 6.0EC001449
Available until31.12.2022

Approval – Standards


General data

StandardsIEC 61508IEC/EN 60204-1EN 60947-5-1EN 81-20/-50EN ISO 13849-1
Climatic stressEN 60068-2-78
Enclosure materialGlass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic, ventilated
Material of the contacts, electricalAgSn0. self-cleaning, positive drive
Gross weight250 g

General data – Features

Electronic FuseYes
Wire breakage detectionYes
Short-circuit recognitionYes
Removable TerminalsYes
Start inputYes
Feedback circuitYes
Automatic reset functionYes
Reset edge detectionYes
Earth connection detectionYes
Integral System Diagnostics, statusYes
Number of auxiliary contacts1
Number of LEDs5
Number of openers2
Number of safety contacts3

Safety appraisal

StandardsEN ISO 13849-1EN 62061IEC 61508

Safety appraisal – Relay outputs

Performance level, stop 0, up toe
Category, Stop 04
Diagnostic Coverage (DC) Level, Stop 0≥ 99 %
PFH-Value Stop 02.00 x 10⁻⁸ /h
Safety Integrity Level (SIL), Stop 0, suitable for applications in3
Mission time20 Year(s)
Common Cause Failure (CCF), minimum65

Mechanical data

Mechanical life, minimum10,000,000 Operations
MountingSnaps onto standard DIN rail to EN 60715

Mechanical data – Connection technique

Terminal ConnectorScrew connection, plug-inrigid or flexible
Terminal designationsIEC/EN 60947-1
Cable section, minimum0.25 mm²
Cable section, maximum2.5 mm²
Tightening torque of Clips0.6 Nm

Mechanical data – Dimensions

Width22.5 mm
Height120 mm
Depth121 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection of the enclosureIP40
Degree of protection of the mounting spaceIP54
Degree of protection of clips or terminalsIP20
Ambient temperature, minimum-25 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum+60 °C
Storage and transport temperature, minimum-40 °C
Storage and transport temperature, maximum+85 °C
Resistance to vibrations to EN 60068-2-610 … 55 Hz, Amplitude 0.35 mm
Restistance to shock30 g / 11 ms

Ambient conditions – Insulation value

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp4 kV
Overvoltage categoryIII
Degree of pollution to IEC/EN 60664-12

Electrical data

Frequency range50 Hz60 Hz
Rated operating voltage24 VAC -15% / +10%24 VDC -15%/+20%, residual ripple max. 10%
Rated AC voltage for controls, 50 Hz, minimum20.4 VAC
Rated control voltage at AC 50 Hz, maximum26.4 VAC
Rated AC voltage for controls, 60 Hz, minimum20.4 VAC
Rated control voltage at AC 60 Hz, maximum26.4 VAC
Rated AC voltage for controls at DC minimum20.4 VDC
Rated control voltage at DC, maximum28.8 VDC
Electrical power consumption2 W
Electrical power consumption4.9 VA
Contact resistance, maximum0.1 Ω
Note (Contact resistance)in new state
Drop-out delay in case of power failure, typically80 ms
Drop-out delay in case of emergency, typically20 ms
Pull-in delay at automatic start, maximum, typically100 ms
Pull-in delay at RESET, typically20 ms

Electrical data – Safe relay outputs

Voltage, Utilisation category AC15230 VAC
Current, Utilisation category AC-156 A
Voltage, Utilisation category DC1324 VDC
Current, Utilisation category DC136 A
Switching capacity, minimum10 VDC
Switching capacity, minimum10 mA
Switching capacity, maximum250 VAC
Switching capacity, maximum8 A

Electrical data – Digital inputs

Conduction resistance, maximum40 Ω

Electrical data – Relay outputs (auxiliary contacts)

Switching capacity, maximum24 VDC
Switching capacity, maximum2 A

Electrical data – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

EMC ratingEMC-Directive

Status indication

Note (LED switching conditions display)QS: cross-wire short detection status (LED on when cross-wire short detection active).
Indicated operating statesPosition relay K2Position relay K1Internal operating voltage Ui

Other data

Note (applications)Safety sensorGuard systemEmergency-Stop buttonPull-wire emergency stop switchesSafety light barriers


Note (General)Inductive loads (e.g. contactors, relays, etc.) are to be suppressed by means of a suitable circuit.
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Schmersal SRB301ST-24V-(V.2)

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