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Euchner EUCHNER MGB-L1H-ARA-L-121107





We are EUCHNER MGB-L1H-ARA-L-121107 product supplier in India

ORDER NO. 121107

Order number121107
Item designationMGB-L1H-ARA-L-121107
Gross weight2,207kg
Customs tariff number85371098

Locking set MGB-L1H-ARA… (guard locking by spring force) with 2 pushbuttons, incl. label carrier, RC18

  • Guard locking with guard lock monitoring
  • Can be connected in series with other AR devices (e.g. CES-AR and CET-AR)
  • 2 pushbuttons (illuminated)
  • With lens set, 6 pcs.
  • incl. adhesive labels
  • With plug connector RC18
  • Unicode

Guard locking type

MGB-L1…The locking arm is held in the locked position by spring force and is unlocked by solenoid force (closed-circuit current principle, mechanically locked).

Door hinge

A mechanical door stop is permanently integrated into the evaluation module of the MGB. A marking on the stop makes adjustment easier.

LED indicator

The LED indicator indicates all important system and status information.

Monitoring outputs

OTBolt tongue inserted into the evaluation module
OLGuard locking solenoid in locked position
OIDiagnostics; there is a fault


S11 NO contact, illuminated
S21 NO contact, illuminated

Lens set

The color of the pushbuttons can be selected using the color cover set included (5 colors). Item no.: 120344 (see Accessories)

Adhesive labels

Devices with adhesive labels have pre-formed recesses. The adhesive labels enclosed (standard size 12.5 x 27 mm) can be affixed in these recesses.

Handle modules MGB-H-AA1A1-L-106619 (Order no. 106619)

Handle modules MGB-H-AA1A1-L-106619  (Order no. 106619)

Mechanical values and environment

Degree of protectionIP65
HousingFiber glass reinforced plastic, nickel-plated die-cast zinc, stainless steel
Installation orientationDoor hinge DIN left
Ambient temperature-20 … +55 °C


Product version numberV3.0.0

Locking modules MGB-L1-ARA-AL1A1-S1-L-121106 (Order no. 121106)

Locking modules MGB-L1-ARA-AL1A1-S1-L-121106  (Order no. 121106)

Controls and indicators

Assignment diagramL1
ItemExtrasColorDesignation1NumberLEDSwitching elementSlide-in label inscriptionVersionNote slide-in label
11NOIlluminated pushbutton
21NOIlluminated pushbutton

Electrical connection ratings

Rated insulation voltage Ui30 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp1.5 kV
Discrepancy time
between FO1A and FO1Bmax. 10 ms
Utilization category
DC-1324V 200mA 
Risk time according to EN 60947-5-3max. 350 ms
Safety classIII
Transponder codingUnicode
Degree of contamination (external, according to EN 60947-1)3
Solenoid control input IMP1, IMP2, IMM
Test pulsesmax. 5 ms
Test pulse intervalmin. 100 ms
Controls and indicators
Switching current1 … 10 mA
Switching voltageUA V
Breaking capacitymax. 0.25 W
LED power supply24 V DC
Monitoring outputs OD, OT, OL, OI
Output typeSemiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output currentmax. 50 mA
Output voltageUA-2V … UA V DC 
Safety outputs FO1A, FO1B
Output typeSemiconductor outputs, p-switching, short circuit-proof
Output current
per safety output FO1A / FO1B1 … 200 mA
Output voltage
Test pulsesmax. 1 ms
Test pulse intervalmin. 100 ms
Power supply UA
Current consumption
IUAmax. 375 mA 
Operating voltage DC
UA24 V DC -15% … +10% 
Power supply UB
Current consumption
IUBmax. 80 mA 
Operating voltage DC
UB24 V DC -15% … +10% 

Mechanical values and environment

ConnectionPlug connector RC18 
Degree of protectionIP65
HousingFiber glass reinforced plastic; nickel-plated die-cast zinc; stainless steel
Mechanical life
in case of use as door stop, and 1 Joule impact energy0.1 x 10⁶
1 x 10⁶
Installation orientationDoor hinge DIN left
Switching frequency0.25 Hz
Ambient temperature
at UB = 24V DC-20 … +55 °C
Locking force FZh2000 N
Guard locking principleClosed-circuit current principle

Reliability values acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Mission time20 y
Control of guard locking
Performance LevelPL e
PFHD2.8 x 10-9
Monitoring of guard locking and the guard position
Performance LevelPL e
PFHD3.7 x 10-9


Additional featureincl. lens set, ID no. 120344
Slide-in label
NumberLabelingNote2without marking
Product version numberV4.0.0
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