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ORDER NO. 082928

Order number082928
Item designationTX2C-A024M
Gross weight0,859kg
Customs tariff number85365019

Safety switch TX

  • Auxiliary release on the front
  • With door monitoring contact

Approach direction

Horizontal and vertical

Can be adjusted in 90° steps

Solenoid operating voltage

  • AC/DC 24 V +10%, -15%

LED function display

The switch has a function display (2 LEDs, red and green). The LED voltage is same as the solenoid operating voltage.

Guard locking type

TX2Open-circuit current principle, guard locking by applying voltage to the solenoid. Release by spring force.

Switching element

ETX CSlow-action switching contact 2 NC / 1 NO + 1 NO (door monitoring contact)

Auxiliary release

This is used for releasing the guard locking with the aid of a tool. The auxiliary release must be sealed to prevent tampering (for example with sealing lacquer).

Controls and indicators

LED indicatorOperating voltage corresponds to the solenoid voltage 

Electrical connection ratings

Power consumption8 W
Connection cross-section0.34 … 1.5 mm²
Rated insulation voltage Ui250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp2.5 kV
Short circuit protection according to IEC 60269-14A gG
Switching current
min. at 24 V1 mA
Switching voltage
min. at 10 mA12 V
Utilization category
AC-154A 230V
DC-134A 24V
Solenoid operating voltage
AC/DC24 V -15% … +10%
Solenoid duty cycle100 %
rated thermal current Ith4 A

Mechanical values and environment

Approach directionA
Approach speedmax. 20 m/min
Number of door position NO contacts1
Number of guard lock monitoring NO contacts1
Number of guard lock monitoring positively driven contacts2
3 xM20 x 1.5
Degree of protectionIP67
Extraction force35 N
ContactSilver alloy, gold flashed
HousingDie-cast alloy cathodically dipped
Actuation frequencymax. 1200 1/h
Actuating force35 N
Mechanical life1 x 10⁶
Installation orientationany
Insertion depth32 mm
Switching principleSlow-action switching contact
Retention force20 N
Ambient temperature-20 … +80 °C
Locking force Fmax1700 N
Locking force FZh1300 N
Guard locking principleOpen-circuit current principle

Reliability values acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Monitoring of guard locking and the guard position
B10D6 x 10⁶

In combination with actuator ACTUATOR-X-GQ

Overtravel1 mm

In combination with actuator ACTUATOR-X-GNQ

Overtravel8 mm
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