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Fail-safe position measurement with digital interfaces

With up to three independent measuring systems operating concurrently in one housing, they ensure uninterrupted processing. Pressure rated to 600 bar, they are well suited for use in valves and hydraulic cylinders where safety is an issue. An IP67 rating means they are insensitive to contamination and can stand up to harsh environments. To meet your individual requirements, you can choose from various form factors and measuring ranges between 25 and 7620 mm.

Like all our magnetostrictive linear position sensors, these feature high repeatability and are wear free thanks to non-contact measurement.


  • Redundant position measurement
  • Broad product range: four different form factors with two digital interfaces each (SSI and Start/Stop)
  • Maximum resolution down to 0.5 µm
  • Insensitive to contamination (IP67)
  • Selectable output signals via software tool
Mehrfach redundant – mehrere Messsysteme in einem Sensorgehäuse

Team Right Motion

Team Right Motion


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