HYDAC Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2 – Hydac Filter

Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2 – Hydac Filter


Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2

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Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2 Filter Element Suction

The filter housings are designed in accordance with international regulations. The SF filters consist of a filter housing and a bolt-on cover plate. The SFM and SFF filters consist of a filter head with filter bowl and bolt-on cover plate (on the SFF there is a foot valve in the base of the filter bowl). Standard equipment:

Bypass valve connection for a clogging indicator 1.2 FILTER ELEMENTS HYDAC filter elements are validated and their quality is constantly monitored according to the following standards: ISO 2941, ISO 2942, ISO 2943, ISO 3724, ISO 3968, ISO 11170, ISO 16889 The suction filter elements S are designed to be screwed into the suction lines of pumps. It is essential that suction filter elements are always installed well below the minimum oil level. The suction filter elements S.. are designed to be mounted simply onto the outside of the tank. They are used in devices with hoses that are exposed to little mechanical load. Elements can be changed very simply.

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Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2

Hydac 0100 S 125 W /-B0.2 – Hydac Filter

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