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HYDAC Hydac 908363

Hydac 908363


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HYDAC 908363 Pressure Switches | EDS 3346-1-0016-000-F1

The EDS 3300 is a compact electronic pressure switch with integrated digital display for relative pressure measurement in the low-pressure range. It is equipped in this connection with a ceramic measuring cell with a thick-layer DMS. The device has 1 or 2 switching outputs and one reversible analogue output signal (4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10V). A special feature of the EDS 3300 is the option of rotating the display in 2 axes. The device can be optimally aligned in practically any random installation position, which means that additional costs for the mechanical alignment adapter which is usually required are dispensed with. The 4-character digital display can show the pressure in bar, psi or MPa. It is possible for the user to select between the different units. With this function, the device re-scales the switching settings automatically in accordance with the new unit. In addition, the EDS 3300 is also available in a variant which conforms to DESINA®. The variant with the front-flush diaphragm was specially developed for applications in which the media used could lead to a blockage, gumming-up or freezing of a standard pressure connection. The main applications of the EDS 3300 are to be found primarily in hydraulics, pneumatics and in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. Further applications include processes where the medium changes frequently and any residues could cause mixing or contamination of the media.

Maximum operating pressure(bar)48Type codeEDS 3346-1-0016-000-F1
Customs tariff weight(kg)0.11Customs tariff weight unitkg
Pressure stage bar16Voltage V/HzDC voltage 9 to 35 V
Electrical connectionDevice plug M12x1, 4-pinTypeEDS 3300
Outputs1 switching outputConnectionG1/4 A DIN 3852 (outer)
Customs tariff weight per1Customs tariff article number90262020
Customs tariff country of originDESealing materialFPM
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Hydac 908363

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