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HYDAC Hydac EDS 3446-1-0250-000

Hydac EDS 3446-1-0250-000


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EDS 3446-1-0250-000 Electronic Pressure Switch

The EDS 3400 is a compact electronic pressure switch with integrated digital display for relative pressure measurement in the high-pressure range. The instrument has a measurement cell with thin-fi lm strain gauge on a stainless-steel membrane. Depending on the particular version, the instrument can have one or two switching outputs, and there is the option of an additional switchable Analog output signal (4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V). A special design feature of the EDS 3400 is that the display can be moved in two planes. The device can be installed in almost any mounting position and the display can be turned to the optimum position without the usual additional expense of a mechanical adapter.

  • Switching mode of the switching outputs adjustable (switch point function or window function)
  • Switching direction of the switching outputs adjustable (N/C or N/O function)
  • Switch-on and switch-off delay adjustable from 0.00 to 99.99 seconds
  • Analog output signal selectable 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V
  • Pressure can be displayed in measurement units bar, psi, MPa. The scaling can also be adapted to indicate force, weight, etc..
  • Choice of display (actual pressure, peak value, switch point 1, switch point 2, display off)
  • Display filter for smoothing the display value during pressure pulsations
Tech Specifications
Burst_Pressure_bar1000 bar
Connection_SizeG1/4 A
Connection_TypeISO 1179-2
Electrical_ConnectionMale M12x1, 4 Pole<br>Only Possible on Output Models “1”, “2” and “3”
Industry_Standards_CertificationsEN 61000-6-1/2/3/4
Pressure_Max__bar500 bar
Switch_TypePNP Transistor Switching Output
Switching_Current_A1.2 A
Switching_FunctionAdjustable N/O or N/C
TypeStandard Pressure Switch
Interface4-digit, LED, 7 segment, red, height of digits 7 mm
Seal_MaterialFluorocarbon Elastomer (FKM)
Item_NameEDS 34XX Pressure Switch
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Hydac EDS 3446-1-0250-000

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