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Article No. PM2054

IFM Flush pressure transmitter

  • For the reliable hydrostatic level detection
  • Flush mount installation in the tank or container wall
  • Robust potted stainless steel housing as protection against aggressive media and ingress of moisture
  • Scalable analogue output with adjustable span and zero point
  • Can be connected as two-wire or three-wire
Product characteristics
Output signalanalogue signal
Measuring range-0.5…10 bar-7…145 psi-50…1000 kPa-0.05…1 MPa
Process connectionthreaded connection Aseptoflex external thread Aseptoflex
Special featureGold-plated contacts
Applicationflush mountable for the food and beverage industry
Mediaviscous media and liquids with suspended particles; liquids and gases
Medium temperature [°C]-25…125; (145 max. 1h)
Min. bursting pressure150 bar2175 psi15000 kPa
Pressure rating50 bar725 psi5000 kPa
Type of pressurerelative pressure
No dead spaceyes
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V]14…30 DC
Min. insulation resistance [MΩ]100; (500 V DC)
Protection classIII
Reverse polarity protectionyes
Inputs / outputs
Number of inputs and outputsNumber of analogue outputs: 1
Total number of outputs1
Output signalanalogue signal
Number of analogue outputs1
Analogue current output [mA]4…20
Max. load [Ω]550; (Ub = 24 V; (Ub – 13 V) / 20 mA)
Overload protectionyes
Measuring/setting range
Measuring range-0.5…10 bar-7…145 psi-50…1000 kPa-0.05…1 MPa
Analogue start point-0.5…7.49 bar-7…109 psi-50…749 kPa
Analogue end point2…9.99 bar29…145 psi200…999 kPa
In steps of0.01 bar1 psi1 kPa
Factory settingASP = 0.00 barAEP = 9.99 bar
Accuracy / deviations
Repeatability [% of the span]< ± 0,1; (with temperature fluctuations < 10 K; Turn down 1:1)
Characteristics deviation [% of the span]< ± 0,6; (Turn down 1:1 , linearity, incl. hysteresis and repeatability , limit value setting to DIN EN IEC 62828-1)
Linearity deviation [% of the span]< ± 0,5; (Turn down 1:1)
Hysteresis deviation [% of the span]< ± 0,1; (Turn down 1:1)
Long-term stability [% of the span]< ± 0,1; (Turn down 1:1; per year)
Temperature coefficient zero point [% of the span / 10 K]< ± 0,1; (0…80 °C)
Temperature coefficient span [% of the span / 10 K]< ± 0,2; (0…80 °C)
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