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Schmersal Schmersal AZM201Z-I2-SK-T-1P2PW

Schmersal AZM201Z-I2-SK-T-1P2PW


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Part Number – 103013484

  • Repeated individual coding with RFID technology
  • Power to unlock
  • Guard locking monitored
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Max. length of the sensor chain 200 m
  • Self-monitoring series-wiring
  • Coding in accordance to ISO 14119 by using RFID-Technology
  • 3 LEDs to show operating conditions
  • Sensor technology permits an offset between actuator and interlock of ± 5 mm vertically and ± 3 mm horizontally
  • Suitable for hinged and sliding guards
  • Intelligent diagnosis
  • Manual release
  • Protection class IP66, IP67
  • High holding force 2000
  • symmetrical construction form, assembly on 40mm profiles
  • OSSD safety outputs
  • Emergency exit / Emergency release suitable for retrofitting

Ordering data

EAN (European Article Number)4030661493275
eCl@ss number, Version 9.027-27-26-03
eCl@ss number, Version 11.027-27-26-03

Approval – Standards


General data

StandardsIEC 60947-5-1EN ISO 13849-1IEC 61508IEC 60947-5-3EN ISO 14119IEC 62061
general informationIndividual coding, multiple teaching
Coding level according to ISO 14119High
Active principleRFID
Enclosure materialGlass-fibre, reinforced thermoplastic
Gross weight586 g
Time to readiness, maximum4,000 ms
Duration of risk, maximum200 ms
Response time safety outputs in case of switch-off by actuator, maximum100 ms
Response time safety outputs in case of switch-off by safety inputs, maximum0.5 ms

General data – Features

Power to unlockYes
Guard locking monitoredYes
Manual releaseYes
Short circuit detectionYes
Short-circuit recognitionYes
Safety functionsYes
Integral System Diagnostics, statusYes
Number of safety contacts2

Safety appraisal

StandardsIEC 62061IEC 61508EN ISO 13849-1

Safety appraisal – Interlocking

Performance level, up toe
Control category4
PFH-value1.90 x 10⁻⁹ /h
PFD value1.60 x 10⁻⁴
Safety Integrity Level (SIL), suitable for applications in3
Mission Time20 Year(s)

Safety appraisal – Guard locking

Performance level, up tod
Control category2
PFH-value1.00 x 10⁻⁸ /h
PFD value8.90 x 10⁻⁴
Safety Integrity Level (SIL), suitable for applications in2
Mission Time20 Year(s)

Mechanical data

Mechanical life, minimum1,000,000 Operations
Clamping force in accordance with ISO14119 Fzh2,000 N
Clamping force, maximum Fmax2,600 N
Latching force30 N
Actuating speed, maximum0.2 m/s

Mechanical data – Connection technique

Terminal ConnectorScrew connection
Cable section, minimum0.25 mm²
Cable section, maximum1.5 mm²
Note (Cable section)All indications about the cable section are including the conductor ferrules.
Wire cross-section, minimum23 AWG
Wire cross-section, maximum15 AWG

Mechanical data – Dimensions

Length of sensor50 mm
Width of sensor40 mm
Height of sensor220 mm

Ambient conditions

Degree of protectionIP66 to EN 60529IP67 to EN 60529
Ambient temperature, minimum-25 °C
Ambient temperature, maximum+60 °C
Storage and transport temperature, minimum-25 °C
Storage and transport temperature, maximum+85 °C
Relative humidity, minimum30 %
Relative humidity, maximum95 %
Note (Relative humidity)non-condensing
Resistance to vibrations to EN 60068-2-610 … 150 Hz, amplitude 0.35 mm
Restistance to shock30 g / 11 ms
Protection ratingIII

Ambient conditions – Insulation value

Rated insulation voltage Ui32 VDC
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp0.8 kV
Overvoltage categoryIII
Degree of pollution to VDE 01003

Electrical data

Operating voltage, minimum20.4 VDC
Operating voltage, maximum26.4 VDC
No-load supply current I050 mA
Current consumption with solenoid ON, average200 mA
Current consumption with solenoid ON, peak700 mA / 100 ms
Operating current1,200 mA
Switching frequency, approx.1 Hz

Electrical data – Solenoid control

Switching thresholds-3 V … 5 V (Low)15 V … 30 V (High)
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SinkC0
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SourceC1C2C3

Electrical data – Fail-safe digital inputs

Switching thresholds−3 V … 5 V (Low)15 V … 30 V (High)
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SinkC1
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SourceC1C2C3

Electrical data – Fail-safe digital outputs

Rated operating current (safety outputs)250 mA
Voltage drop Ud, maximum4 V
Current leakage Ir0.5 mA
Voltage, Utilisation category DC1324 VDC
Current, Utilisation category DC130.25 A
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SourceC2
Classification ZVEI CB24I, SinkC1C2

Electrical data – Diagnostic output

Operating current50 mA
Voltage drop Ud, maximum4 V
Voltage, Utilisation category DC1324 VDC
Current, Utilisation category DC130.05 A

Status indication

Note (LED switching conditions display)Operating condition: LED greenError / functional defect: LED redSupply voltage UB: LED green

Scope of delivery

Included in deliveryActuators must be ordered separately.Triangular key for AZM 201


Recommendation (actuator)AZ/AZM201-B1AZ/AZM201-B30


Note (General)As long as the actuating unit remains inserted in the solenoid interlock, the unlocked safety guard can be relocked. In this case, the safety outputs are re-enabled, so that the safety guard must not be opened.
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Schmersal AZM201Z-I2-SK-T-1P2PW

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